It's time to say goodbye....

The famous M*A*S*H. GOODBYE made from stones evoked a lot of bittersweet emotions. For us, saying ‘goodbye’ comes with some sadness but also new hope.

It’s never easy to change direction but if there is one constant in life, it is change.

For some time now I have given a lot of thought of the best way to carry forward the legacy of a great young man, Philip, my son. Nothing on this earth will ever take his place and all the support I have received from his mother, my wife and my daughter, and the rest of our followers and supporters has been more than a blessing, it’s been a healing.

With that said, it is time to close this chapter of the legacy and let it grow into a new story.

I especially want to thank Debbie Shaw at Id Est Productions for her more than generous support in designing and maintaining our website. You will be hard pressed to find a more dedicated and talented individual when it comes to web design.

A very special and heartfelt thanks goes to Marcie Trivette for her support in her reign as the former Miss Raleigh. I wish you all the best.

I also want to thank Michael and Mariann Moore for their support and belief in me when i began this journey. Without your faith in me, I would have never been able to do this.

To the board members and countless volunteers who gave of your time to help plan and run events, I thank you all. You gave more than you know and will forever be in my heart and prayers.

Duke Children’s Hospital has accepted the final balance of our funding and will continue the research fund active for as long as there are funds to keep it moving and people who continue their support financially.

To date we have given more than $23,000.00 to The Philip Hart Memorial Fund at Duke Children’s Hospital in support of the mission but more is needed. Much more. So very much more.

So I ask each of you to help grow the new legacy by asking your family, your friends, your coworkers and anyone you meet to please give generously to this fund.

Please donate all you can this year by going to the Philip Hart Memorial Fund at:

The doctors at Duke Children’s who are the advisory staff have pledged their unending support to keep looking for answers, to keep finding better ways to help the children who suffer every day from adrenal diseases and to do their level best to give their voice educating others in the medical field of the urgency that adrenal crisis presents.

May God bless each and every one of you.