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MySubwayCard – In today’s date, the Subway have more than 45,000 stores in all over the world which makes them the leading chain of fast food in the world. And most of the regular customers to easy to a great extent they have come with a new card of My Subway Card to make the life of customers.

The subway is most of the popular American chain of food that is extremely popular for its salads and submarine sandwiches. And they have started they privately held restaurant franchise in journey 50 years ago.

As the much the as it popularity grows, so they desire of the Subway management to make a lives of its customers a healthier and easier by with allowing a smoother purchase of a meals at a discount rates. And for this purpose, we have organization which can be come up with the idea of a gift cards. For one such gift card program is called as a ‘MY Subway Card’.

About My Subway Card

The My Subway Card is for a gift card to provided by the Subway restaurants’ management. And its comes with a two forms; with a physical gift card form and the electronic e-gift card.

The main use of purpose is the card is for help for users to purchase the Subway meals, goods, and the services with a ease at participating in a Subway outlet across to the United States of America and Canada. The My Subway Card can be use also be while ordering the online or ordering via Subway App. The most of important things for the customers that the card can be used in the conjunction with other Subway rewards program such as a Subway MY Way Rewards.

And it for only the legal residents of the aforementioned countries, which are Unites States of the America and Canada can only purchase or register the ‘MY Subway Card’. The card of My Subway Card can be purchased from any participating physical store, we can only purchased My Subway e-Gift card by the online via websites and authorized retailers and dealers.

T&C of My Subway Card

  • The cards of ‘MY Subway Card’ comes with two forms like physical and electronic.
  • The physical card can also bought from participating the Subway stores across to the United States of America and Canada.
  • The card of electronic can also know as the Subway eGift Card that we can purchased via online stores such as
  • The Card of ‘MY Subway card’ can be form to used only up to the amount deposited in which is a maximum of $500.
  • The Subway gift card can also use in the participating in the physical stores, on a wed, and while placing an order via a mobile app.
  • While using My Subway gift card you have to be need registered online once before used.
  • The balance of a physical My Subway gift Card is will transferable to an eGift card and vice versa.
  • You have to find out whether or not the Subway store that you are visiting is a participating in a gift card program, you have ask the Sandwich Artist first.
  • Its is only for the open to legal residents of the United States of America and Canada.
  • The Canada customer uses to card for making the purchases in a American participating Subway store, and the amount will charged automatically be converted into in the terms of value to the currency of the United States of America.
  • The My Subway Card service does not expire or nor carried a fee for payable for being used.
  • Users can check their balance by logging into their accounts, whether online or via mobile app.
  • The card can be reloaded and reused it as many times as the customer desires.
  • By the personal Identification Number (PIN) that helps to users for checking their balance online or via phone calls.
  • The customer are responsible for all the kinds of the transaction taking place with their card, whether it is authorizes or unauthorizes.
  • If you choose to keep the card of ‘My Subway Card’ unregistered you will solely be responsible for case, and its gets damaged or stolen or lost you will not be reissued new card.
  • If you have be choose to register your card ‘My Subway Card’ with the website, not only you will be reissued a new card but you can also restored your balance.
  • You have to buy the ‘My Subway card’ for a corporate needs as well.

My Subway Card Login Procedure

The process of login to the card’s official portal is to extremely simple. You have to just follow the giving steps to sign in to your account easily :

  • You have to visit the official portal of the Card. And again, you have to highly suggest to google Chrome to be used.
  • And then, you have to be prompted to submit the required details.
  • And your details include in your Card number and your password.
  • You have to submit those details and verify it and once after submitting them.

My Subway Card Registration Process

  • The official subway portal to visit And you can visit this portal from any other web browser. We suggest google chrome for it.
  • You have to click the tap the button that reads “Register Card”. Now will be redirected to the sign Up page of the portal.
  • We ask some personal details by this portal to you.
  • And you have to submit your PIN number in it. And tap the “Submit” button and finish it form filling the process.
  • And then above steps conclude on your registration procedure on the Card’s official portal.

My Subway Card Benefits

The benefits of major that you will get by he using this card are as follows :

  • You will instant rewards will be offered you after you register on the
  • And you will offered many promotional benefits.
  • In case of your card get lost or it can be expires it can be renewed by your mobile phone.
  • These cards is also give the access to a Subway gift cards.

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